Bing Surfboards

In 1958 Bing Copeland and Rick Stoner sailed to New Zealand where they introduced modern surfing and surfboards to the Kiwis. 59 years later and Bing Surfboards continues to build boards with the same integrity as day one. 

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arbor skateboards

In 1998, Arbor was born after years of repurposing old snowboards into skates. Today they are crafting  some of the most elegant crafts out there from sustainably sourced wood, using eco friendly water-based sanding sealers.

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magic quiver surf lodge

An independent dwelling, resting along the majestic Portuguese coast. Designed as a beach escape, inspired by the Atlantic Ocean. Open since May 2017 and located in Ericeira, Portugal thi spot holds true to its name .

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kassia wetsuits

From the beginning, KASSIA+SURF was a two-part mission; to create the best women's wetsuits on the market and to develop a recycling concept that allowed for a more sustainable solution at the end of a wetsuits life.

Sinalei Reef Resort

After having the resort demolished in the 2009 tsunami and again after the 2012 cyclone, this family owned five star resort rebuilt both times by hand. Their contributions environmentally and engagement in the community are endless.

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Moonjelly Wetsuits

I n s p i r e d - how I feel every time I leave Japan. There is a commitment to creativity that thrives in everything and an artfulness that proves synonymous with Japanese culture. Moonjelly Wetsuits are no exception.

The Palmwood, Kauai

Paradise awaits at this family owned B&B on Kaua'i serving up tasty farm-to-table cuisine, local knowledge of hikes and adventures, and endless storytelling, wisdom and respect for this sacred island.

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manda sun paste

By examining local traditions and applying them to modern day necessities, Manda is developing premium natural solutions to promote longevity in life and our environment, thereby allowing us to do what we love longer.