but where do I find the time?

This is the questions I hear the most when discussing self care during a tarot reading.  As someone who thrives on meditation and is NEVER motivated to do it, I struggle with the same issue. Over the years I began utilizing my skills as a prop stylist to create a space for myself that encouraged me to actually want to go to the corner of my room where I found peace. I found myself waking up earlier just to go turn on soft music, pull a tarot card, and burn sage to start the day. I began naturally gravitating towards my sacred nook to sit on my meditation pillow, just watch a candle flicker and play my Tibetan singing bowl. Ritual has the power to engage our senses and activate our present awareness in a way that is calming, soothing and healing. When we incorporate ritual into our every day lives, we also incorporate patience, gratitude, self-love.