It all started with...

The Ocean. I credit Her for it all.

I was born ten minutes from Her shorelines and no matter which continent I've roamed, we have remained intimately connected my entire life. She is my muse, my inspiration for every choice I make, every work I create.

My Mother, like many others, used to make me write thank you letters on a regular basis. Even when I was very young, she never accepted a generic message without a proper update of my life involving this newly received gift. In an act of creative rebellion, I got super eccentric in my writing, using flowery vocabulary and over-the-top descriptions intended to draw a vivid picture of my six-year-old existence. They were always a hit. Little did I know this was the best exercise for a young creative, inspiring me to grow into my writing style and authentically depict my daily life, celebrating even the most fleeting or simple of moments. All for the sake of authentic gratitude.

I feel what I do now is an extension of that experience. My life on the road is in many ways similar to that of my six-year-old self, absorbing the newness of unfamiliar surroundings and sharing those tactile experiences through words and images. Whether it's surfing perfect peelers in Sri Lanka, sleeping under the stars on Kaua'i, or hosting creative adventures in Morocco, it is my intention to do so with utmost gratitude to both my birth Mother and my Sacred Mother Earth, collaborating with like-minded creatives who aim to restore and replenish with respect and awareness. 

Every day is an opportunity to live as our highest selves. This is how I strive for a life well-lived.